Hasira (Soul) Ashemu

Well-Being 3.0: How to Unify Wellness, DE&I, and ESG Efforts with Purpose

Wednesday, September 27, 2023
9:50 am â€“ 10:50 am
Hasira (Soul) Ashemu
Chief Visionary Officer
Adjunct Professor
Hasira Soul Ashemu is the Founder of Righteous Rage Institute for Healing Justice (RRI), RRI Consulting, and author of the book To Heal a People, which is a manifesto, memoir, and manual for reconnecting with afro-indigenous healing practices. He is on a mission “To Heal a People,” and is a prolific writer, speaker, coach, facilitator, media and communications professional and author. After his second dance with cancer, Hasira started an institute for afro-indigenous healing and justice, based on his life’s journey and desire to share the healing practices that he learned along the way with his people. Hasira has been using his talents, experience, and skills to create and support initiatives that build new systems for health, education, and economic wellness grounded in equity and Afro-Indigenous cultural wealth. Born and raised in Northeast Denver, CO, Hasira is an East Angel High School graduate and attended Howard University “The Mecca.”
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