Jeff Steier

Well-Being 3.0: How to Unify Wellness, DE&I, and ESG Efforts with Purpose

Wednesday, September 27, 2023
9:50 am – 10:50 am
Jeff Steier
Leader Purpose + Vision Practice, EY Americas
Jeff Stier is the Leader of the Purpose + Vision Practice for EY Americas at Ernst & Young LLP. He believes that every person, team, and organization has a ‘unique remarkable’ that defines what they stand for. Purpose + Vision are integral parts of the ‘what-you-stand-for’ formula and should be harnessed as a guide and daily motivation for positive growth, innovation, and transformation. At EY, Jeff and his team help organizations and their leaders articulate what-they stand-for and implement it at scale. The results are more successful enterprise and functional transformations and transactions, as well as increased employee and customer trust and loyalty. Jeff works passionately each day to build the working world he imagines.... one company, one executive, one function at a time. It's a world in which what-you-stand-for is a source of pride, passion, and value.
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