Karen Mueller
Executive Vice President, Heartland
Karen Mueller is Executive Vice President at HUB-Horan, and brings over 40 years of experience and expertise in the employee benefits industry. For the past 26+ years, Karen has been the Executive Vice President at HORAN (HUB-HORAN) consulting with employers on their employee benefits as part of their business strategy. Bringing ideas, innovation, and creative solutions and resources as a trusted advisor. Karen is a transformative business partner, healthcare innovator, and student of the healthcare ecosystem who focuses on identifying any gaps and duplications within the system. She prides herself in being a continuous learner and in her ability to bring resources together to create new solutions and problem-solve for clients. Karen desires to advocate for the people and organizations she connects with while harnessing the power of relationships and resources to improve outcomes.
ยฉ2024ย Health Enhancement Research Organization โ€˜HEROโ€™

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