Co-Founder & Chief Clinical Experience Officer
Kati Lohr, LPC-MHSP, NCC, ACS, CET-II, is a Cofounder and Chief Clinical Experience Officer of Synchronous Health. She also sits on the Board of Directors. At Synchronous Health, Kati combines her clinical expertise and creative innovation skills to develop programs and products that provide an authentic experience of the organization's culture, community, and services. She focuses on promoting inclusion and belonging in both human and digital experiences. Kati has successfully improved accessibility and quality of mental health care for non-profit, for-profit, and B-Corp entities. Kati is a Licensed Professional Counselor with 25+ years of experience in mental health. She is also a National Certified Counselor, an Approved Clinical Supervisor, and a Level II Certified Experiential Therapist. Kati holds a master's in counseling psychology from the University of Denver and a master's in experiential education from the University of Minnesota.
ยฉ2024ย Health Enhancement Research Organization โ€˜HEROโ€™

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