McCalister and Associates, LLC
Blue Zones, LLC
Wednesday, September 27, 2023
2:40 pm โ€“ 3:40 pm

The average American, over the course of their lifetime, will spend one-third of their life at work. The recent pandemic has highlighted the corporate responsibility and essential need for a comprehensive well-being strategy to meaningfully impact and protect the health of employees and the communities they live in. While many models focus primarily on physical health, Blue Zones creates work and community environments that make the healthier choice the easier choice and initiatives that prioritize a connection to purpose, mental health, and positive relationships for optimal performance and organizational success. This session will provide a brief overview of the importance of environment and policy, as well as Blue Zones evidence-based approach and how it has improved the work environments, engagement, and employee well-being. The session will also share a case study of Adventist Health and their approach to applying Blue Zones best practices at a system level and customizing the approach across 23 healthcare campuses. Attend this session to obtain practical strategies and tips for supporting employee well-being and building resilience in your employee population. Participants who attend this session will learn how Blue Zones and Adventist Health are measuring the impact of these environmental interventions and new ways to apply an evidence-based environmental program to improve population health and drive higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Learning Objectives
After completing this session, participants will be able to:
1. Recognize the Blue Zones evidence-based approach to worksite well-being and how it is applied for employers/worksites.
2. Implement environment or policy initiatives to help make the healthier choice the easier choice in and around the worksite environment.
3. Apply new ideas on how to customize worksite well-being approaches for multi-site populations.

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