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PJM Interconnection
Impact4Health, LLC
Wednesday, September 27, 2023
4:00 pm â€“ 5:00 pm

PJM Interconnection (PJM) manages the power grid for 65 million users and supplies energy for 20% of US GDP. In 2021, PJM launched the Flex First program to facilitate hybrid work in response to the pandemic. Like many industries, PJM had a traditional in-person culture before that time where seeing someone at their desk meant that the work was getting done. Now, they seek to build the infrastructure and standards to sustain Flex First in ways that are fair to a range of essential in-person and remote workers. This session will highlight shifts made to elevate well-being by focusing on outcomes-based leadership, belonging, and building a culture to support in-person, hybrid, and remote workers in an equitable manner. To inform their hybrid program, PJM collects metrics regularly from individuals and leaders using surveys and facilitated discussions. They monitor adoption and gather ideas for continuous improvement. Conversations are designed to gather concerns, to identify possible solutions for supporting well-being, and to discover formats for virtual or live collaborations. PJM listens and learns through these feedback mechanisms, for example:
• Gathered successes to weave well-being practices into corporate communications;
• Measured program design around flexibility to inform PJM's hybrid work evolution; and
• Collected occupancy projections to define resources for in-person and remote workers.
PJM wants to anticipate and proactively address known issues with remote work such as longer hours, sedentary stretches, and isolation. They are cultivating a workplace where employee well-being is a key focus for overall company success.

Learning Objectives
After completing this session, participants will be able to:
1. Develop mechanisms to gather input and learn from their workforce to improve their hybrid programs.
2. Consider alternative ways that support hybrid workplaces with creative and practical solutions.
3. Integrate components of well-being into their workplaces and engender a feeling of fairness across teams, regardless of each employee’s personal work location.

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